Artika <p>ISSN 2355-8121, E-ISSN 2549-7251<br>Artika adalah jurnal Fakultas Desain, Institut Informatika Indonesia (IKADO) Surabaya.<br>Artika telah terindeks di:<br><a href=";qt=results_page" target="_blank">OCLC WorldCat</a><a href="" target="_blank">Mendeley</a><a href=";hl=en" target="_blank">Google Scholar</a><a href=";mod=viewjournal&amp;journal=10208" target="_blank">Indonesian Publication Index</a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Pusat Penelitian dan Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat, Institut Informatika Indonesia en-US Artika 2355-8121 Perancangan Branding Sentra Kuliner PKL Wiyung Surabaya Sentra PKL Wiyung is a place where the culinary street vendors around Wiyung gathered together, where visitors can enjoy variety of available menu. In the absence of adequate design brand, not all people know about the existence of Sentra PKL Wiyung. The objective of redesigning Sentra PKL Wiyung’s brand is to attract customers to the Sentra PKL Wiyung and be known in terms of design and comfort. The visual appearance is the important part for a brand. In terms of visuals, this rebranding design using manual techniques for sketching and using digital techniques for coloring. For the future, by doing this rebranding Sentra PKL Wiyung can have a good branding and promoting in more efficient way so that Sentra PKL Wiyung can be known by the people who live in Surabaya, especially by the people who live in Wiyung. Christyan Budi Susilo ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2015-05-25 2015-05-25 1 1 3 9 Desain Kemasan Tradisional Dalam Konteks Kekinian The diversity of traditional food is a part of the Indonesian nation's wealth . Along with the development of technology and lifestyle , traditional food packaging community naturally becoming obsolete due to packaging impressed judged to be synonymous with cheap and dirty , unhygienic and impractical . Then slowly replaced with materials such as plastic , cans and Styrofoam are prone to pollute the environment .Several types of traditional packaging using natural ingredients . But it is not designed as a serious and still serves as a container or wrapper only, not so into consideration in terms of increased sales , image enhancement , local identity , not even thought about issues such as environmentally friendly recycle , reduce, and reuse . The role of the designer is to maintain the existence of the traditional packaging that still exist and more appreciated by giving traditional packaging solutions in creating more dynamic in terms of several aspects when faced with the current conditions , among others, in terms of novelty designs that are more innovative and unique selling points high given the increasing number of products on the market . A touch of unique design will be able to make traditional packaging into an exclusive packaging . Traditional packaging was also created to be able to maintain the characteristic of local culture without ignoring local identity to represent the local culture . More important consideration also needs to pay attention to in terms of eco-friendly , considering the waste problem is now starting to bloom voiced , so it should be easy to traditional packaging for recycling . Present context is intended to things above solving traditional packaging design solutions to some of the conditions existing problems. Benny Rahmawan Noviadji ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2015-05-25 2015-05-25 1 1 10 21 Pola Dasar Penggunaan Brand Dari masa ke Masa The problem in this study is the number of practitioners who consider branding as a job in the visual field. The purpose of this study was to identify the structure and function of the brand from time to time, so it can look a basic pattern that always exists in every development. This study uses literature by studying scientific sources. Developments brandditemukan usage patterns starting in 2250SM to the current pattern of development in the conventional use of a brand starts to become a strategic device, which is able to influence the development activities bisnis.Seiring with the times, the brand experienced a transformation function that directs a business to remain competitive to cope with change times. Angga Hendrawan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2015-05-25 2015-05-25 1 1 22 28 Lokalitas Konten dalam Visual Kaos Cak-Cuk Surabaya In the realm of fashion, t-shirt has a basic function in man dressed as a complement. As it grows a shift in the value of the function t-shirts. In addition to functioning as a complement to dress, t-shirts can be used as a medium of communication, conveys criticism, existence, identity portrayal, as well as a means of identity and promotion. Kaos Cak Cuk Surabaya is one of the local T-shirt original regional Surabaya Suroboyoan consistent use in displaying visual culture. Through the language of visual pun and parody are blasted with locality Surabaya, Surabaya Cak Cuk in her locality brings humor and antics. Arjuna Bangsawan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2015-05-25 2015-05-25 1 1 29 37 Simbolisasi Punokawan dalam Iklan Advertising in its function as a medium conveys the message, of course, have a variety of ways to convey the message properly to the audience, one of which is through symbolization Punokawan figure. Punokawan are officials in the puppet character that is not just qualified, but can also directing, comforting, encouraging, and motivating. Use of this Punokawan figures, aims to bring back the ethos and nature of mutual assistance (bebarengan mrantasi gawe) that characterize the people of Yogyakarta. In addition, these symbolization Punokawan also able to arouse the human willingness to back attitude with a calm and humble, without the prestige and show off everyday to fulfill its obligations, and seek not to impose its own sake, for the sake of harmony in the society Playing the disaster and post-disaster reconstruction. Meirina Lani Anggapuspa ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2015-05-25 2015-05-25 1 1 38 48 Typeface “Garuda Batik” sebagai Duta Budaya Indonesia The discovery of artifacts writings on various historical relics prove that typography has accompanied the development of human civilization and be a liaison between the times . Naturally, if the typography is referred to as a reliable means of communication because it is able to survive for centuries in establishing universal human interaction . The emergence of thousands of fonts and " experimental typography " on various types of media indicate that the function of typography as the expanding literacy has become the object of an experimental and artistic expression . Discretion of the function used to create a typeface that represents local knowledge of Javanese culture that was adapted from the classic batik motifs Garuda Yogyakarta style of the interior . Value mythical eagle valuable and unique artistic value of scratches batik canting an inspiration in the creation of the typeface Garuda Batik . The figure of the eagle that had accompanied the history of the Indonesian nation is at once the spirit of the nation's cultural heritage that should be preserved. Universal nature of typography is the right solution to communicate the values contained in the motif of Garuda in the global arena . Typeface Garuda Batik able to adapt to the lifestyle of modern society through its applications in various types of media , techniques , and visual styles are up to date . Typeface Batik Garuda is also a tangible manifestation of nationalism human visual communication design to create a national paradigm design work. Natalia Hasti Lumenta ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2015-05-25 2015-05-25 1 1 49 58